We Go the Extra Mile

Our motto is “We Go the Extra Mile” and there is a reason for that.

From what I have witnessed and heard, other process servers will go to a specified location and knock at the door to serve papers.  These attempts will happen three times and if the individual is not there to serve, then the process server will think that his/her work is done.

It takes more due diligence to get 99% of the papers served, which my company has been able to provide.  My associates and I will knock on neighbors’ doors to ask questions, interview bystander, make phone calls and do internet research.  We will also do more than three attempts if needed.

Recently, I had an individual to serve for a new client from Jackson, MS. After arriving at the location for the first attempt, I knew it was going to be a little challenging before I could get this individual served. The location was vacant!

I called the individual who was not very pleased of the idea that I had legal papers for him.  He proceeded to tell me some nasty words over the phone and said he would not take the papers.  He also instructed me give them to his attorney.   I called his attorney.  It was not a surprise that he would not take the papers because, “there was no “Green bucks” on the table.”

All the while, my client was kept abreast of the situation via email, which is sent out as soon as any attempts are made within a few seconds to a couple of hours, and phone calls.

I called back the individual several times and all the while his frustration with me escalated.  After a week of pleasant phone calls from my end, he finally agreed to meet with me.  He said he was off shore and will be back a month later. I set my calendar and called one month later. He agreed to meet in Stephenville, TX, a small town 5 hours away from Houston.  He said he will meet with me in one condition, so long as I promise never to call him again.

Although I wanted to personally serve him, I had an associate who was closer to the individual’s location do the service.  The individual was served, I never called the guy again and my client was happy with the service.

Not all cases require additional effort, but when it does, my associates and myself will do and can do what is needed to get the service completed.  We Go The Extra Mile!

Richard Guerra, Owner

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